August 20, 2017

West Africa iron ore miners battling tough mining conditions due to Ebola virus


The Ebola virus has recently piled pressure on West Africa iron ore miners as it has forced them to battle tough mining conditions and a price slump.

Some major companies in the region have had major concerns from workers citing that they want to flee out of the specific countries and cannot work anymore due to the outbreak. Panmure Gordon said that Ebola poses a risk to mining companies operating in West Africa, ArcelorMittal, the steelmaker that mines iron ore in Liberia, said that contractors working on an expansion project had seized working and they were forced to suspend work.

The current fall in the price of iron ore has led many companies to experiencing losses already.

West Africa is battling the worst ever outbreak of Ebola, with the World Health Organisation (WHO) reporting the death toll has exceeded 1,200 in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Nigeria and Guinea.

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